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We always have an inventory of unique Americana on hand; that is, we keep a selection of personal narratives such as diaries, work journals, photograph albums, correspondence collections, scrapbooks, and similar items that shed light on some aspect of North American life, history, culture, or society.

Although not all is included in our website database, we also have a nice selection of Postal History.  To view the items that we have available on line (the tip of iceberg, as they say), click on the Philately link to the left or enter the word "philately" in the search box above.

We hope you'll take some time to look around our website or, better yet, visit us at one of our shows. We take our better items to several book fairs each year, mostly in the Mid-Atlantic area, however we do travel as far south as Florida, as far north as Michigan and Massachusetts, and as far west as California.

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