Cuban slave sale contract for three Criollo (Haitian Creole) slaves. Don Pedro Catasus, Don Miguel Noguras.

Cuban slave sale contract for three Criollo (Haitian Creole) slaves

Cuba: 1870. Unbound. This manuscript slave sale agreement is written on revenue-stamped paper measuring 8” x 12.” In addition to the green “50 cs de Eo.” imprint there is also a blind stamped crest of Spain in the top left corner and a black government handstamp in the bottom left corner. The contract documents the sale of three “criollo” (creole) slaves (Montin, Federico, and Juliana), all in their twenties from Don Pedro Catasus to Don Miguel Noguras for 1,800 pesos. Catasus and Noguras have both signed this document. A bookworm track runs from the upper right corner of the document towards the center. Good to Very Good. Item #009575

A list of Cuban sugar plantations available on-line at suggests that Don Pedro Catsus owned La Florida plantation near Guantanamo. Although the criollos identified in this document could possibly have been mixed-race slaves from Cuba, it is much more likely they were descendants of Haitian slaves, who were also known as Crillos or Creoles, brought to Cuba by French masters fleeing from the 1791-1804 Haitian Revolution. Although Spain formally ended its African slave trade to Cuba in the 1820s, Cuba did not abolish slavery until 1886. Still, a very nice item despite the bookworm track.

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