Baden-Powell March. Ezra Read.

Baden-Powell March

London: The London Musical Publishing Stores, [1900]. Wraps. This piece of sheet music measures approximately 10.75” x 14”. Complete with 8 pages including the cover which is illustrated with a half-tone photograph of Lord Baden-Powell in his military uniform. The title is surmounted by a tribute that reads, “Dedicated to the Heroic Defender of Mafeking.” Once bound in a private volume so a little rough along the left edge with a neatly mended spine. Toned with some minor soiling and edge-wear. (There may be some erased pencil writing at the bottom margin of the cover. I can’t see it, but a customer at a book fair insisted that it was there. I can supply an enlarged image of that area if you would like to examine it for yourself.). Very good. Item #009521

This music was published in 1900 when then Colonel Baden-Powel was the commander of the relatively small British garrison at Mafeking, the capital of the Bechuanaland Protectorate. At the onset of the South African, War, the city was besieged by a Boer army at times numbering up to 8,000 men. Baden-Powel led a heroic resistance to the siege for 217 days until it was broken by a flying column of some 2,000 British soldiers, including many South African volunteers. With the lifting of the siege, Baden-Powell became a national hero.

A small military booklet Aids to Scouting penned by Baden-Powell during the siege became a best-seller in England and, in effect, launched the world-wide Boy Scout movement. Some have even suggested that Baden-Powell’s inspiration for the scouting movement stemmed from the service of the Mafeking Cadet Corps, an organization of boys who stood guard, served as messengers, and assisted in hospitals during the siege.

As time of listing, OCLC shows only one copy held by an institution (the British Library) and there are no auction records listed at the Rare Book Hub. There is one badly damaged example for sale in the trade.

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