Leaf from the “Gun Wad” Bible, Der Richter (Judges) Chapter 5:15 to 6:34. Christoph Saur.

Leaf from the “Gun Wad” Bible, Der Richter (Judges) Chapter 5:15 to 6:34

Germantown [PA]: Christoph Saur, 1776. Unbound. This leaf from Saur’s third edition of the Lutheran Bible measures approximately 7.75” x 10”. Lightly toned with some minor marginal discoloration. Very good. Item #009034

Each of Christop Saur's three editions of the Bible was a major American printing milestone. His first edition was the first Bible printed in North America in a European language; (the first Bible was printed in Algonquian.) Saur’s second edition was the first Bible printed using paper made in America, and his third edition was the first Bible printed using type made in America.

Saur’s third edition is usually referred to as the “Gun Wad” Bible because during the American Revolution, according to stories (perhaps apocryphal) almost all copies were destroyed by soldiers who used its leaves gun-wads, i.e., cartridge packing, during the Battle of Germantown on October 4, 1777. This leaf comes with a 1926 T. F. I. descriptive card that reads in part: “Of interest not only as a specimen of Americana, but also because this edition was all but completely destroyed during the Revolution. . . . In fact, ten copies only are known to be extant. . . .”

Provenance: Hans G. Goedicke Estate. Probably from "Pages from the past. Original leaves from rare books and manuscripts. Portfolio set I-IV." (See "Disbound and Dispersed," 131) T.F.I. (The Foliophiles Incorporated) or the Society of Foliophiles was an organization established by New York book dealer George M. L. Brown that compiled and issued 'leaf' books, i.e., portfolios of leaves removed from manuscripts, incunabula, and other early printed books.

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