Bizarre advertising envelope for the historical-genealogical works of C. A. Fernald. C. A. Fernald.

Bizarre advertising envelope for the historical-genealogical works of C. A. Fernald

Boston: C. A. Fernald, 1908. Unbound. This advertising envelope measures 11.5” x 5”. It is printed in red and black and almost entirely covered (front and back) with hieroglyphics, line drawings, obscure phrases printed in a variety of fonts and sizes, names with birth dates, a map of Mount Ararat, strange symbols, etc. It is franked with a red 2 cent Washington stamp (Scott #319) and canceled with a Boston duplex postmark dated 10 October 1908. The cover is in nice shape; a little bit roughly opened along the right edge and a touch of wear in the upper left corner. Very good. Item #008867

This envelope was used to forward advertising materials related to Fernald’s legendarily bizarre genealogical history, the Universal International Genealogy And Of The Ancient Fernald Families With Chronology from Creation Found in the Discovered Lost Roots, Primitive Bible, Squares, Hebrew, Aegyptian, and Other Languages, from a Study of Thirty Four Languages, Alphabets of Three Hundred, Records from One Hundred and Forty Cemeteries.

As one genealogist (Walter G. Davis) noted, “It has been the fate of many English and American families to have . . . their genealogies written by the ignorant, the credulous or the fraudulent. . . . The Fernald family has the unique and dubious distinction of having a historian who was undeniably insane. In 1909 Charles Augustus Fernald, M.D., at what must have been considerable expense, published [his] book. . . . It must be seen . . . before its very existence can be believed.” In his genealogy, Fernald traces his family back to Adam and Eve with stops along the way at Alexander the Great, Marcus Agrippa Lucius Furnius of Rome (who was the first European to cross the Atlantic and built the Newport Tower in Rhode Island), Attila the Hun, Charlemagne’s brother Childebert, Charles VII of France, Captain John Smith, Peter Faneuil (of Boston market fame), Samuel Washington (who wrote plays under the pen-name William Shakespeare, George Washington, and more. All of the vignettes and text on the envelope are taken from the book including its closing, “Any errata within this book are the works of the quadruple Rum, Social Evil and malpractice Vile Ring in their unholy works to destroy the nations, finally themselves."

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