Letterhead, brochures, and illustrated advertising envelope for B. K. Bliss Seed & Horticultural Warehouse.

New York: B. K. Bliss & Sons, 1874. Unbound. Five-piece grouping of advertising materials sent by B. K. Bliss in New York to L. W. Hamlin in Collisterville, Pennsylvania in 1874. Includes an illustrated advertising cover, a Comstock advertising brochure (Hand Cultivator and Onion Weeder, Seed Sower and Cultivator, Strawberry Runner Cutter, and Shovel Plows), a Planet advertising brochure (Combined Gardin Drill and Wheel, Double Wheel Hoe, and Plant Drills No. 2 and 3), an announcement of Bliss’s move from Park Place & Murray Street to a seven-floor warehouse at 34 Barclay Street, and a partially-printed manuscript memorandum that forwarded the envelope’s contents. All in very nice shape. Very good. Item #008861

B.K. Bliss was one of the earliest American seed dealers, opening his business in Springfield, Massachusetts in the 1850s. By the 1870s he had relocated to New York City. He was credited in Hedrick’s History of Horticulture in America to 1860 as being the first to incorporate color illustrations in his seed catalogs beginning in 1853 although none have survived. He sold seeds and home gardening-horticultural supplies by mail throughout the United States, and one of his most famous customers is reported to have been Emily Dickinson.

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