Three legal documents reporting the sale of a female slave and her child. D. J. Hotchkiss, George W. Montague.

Three legal documents reporting the sale of a female slave and her child

Taylor County, Kentucky. 1860. Unbound. Three one-page Taylor County, Kentucky documents regarding the sale of two slaves, Ann and her son John, as part of an inheritance lawsuit following the death of their owner, James F. Campbell of Taylor County, Kentucky. All three documents are in nice shape. Very good. Item #008860

After James F. Campbell, a farmer in Taylor County, Kentucky, died in 1854, his wife, Melinda, and their two children moved in with her father Rezin H. Davis, also of Taylor County. Davis was appointed as guardian of James and Melinda’s son, Alfred T. Campbell. Alfred T.’s other grandfather, Alfred Hazelwood, was appointed as the administrator of James F.’s estate.

There was friction between the two families regarding disposition of the estate, and Davis won a judgement on behalf of Alfred T. against the estate administered by Hazelwood, and the Circuit Court directed two of the slaves belonging to the estate, Ann and her son James, be sold and that the proceeds go to Davis on behalf of Alfred T.

Two of the documents, signed by D. J. Hotchkiss, are promissory notes addressed to George W. Montague, a commissioner of the court. The first, dated 14 November 1859, promises to pay “the sum of Seven Hundred & Eighty Dollars – with interest from this date, being the purchase money for a Negro woman named Ann & her Child named John.” Apparently the court found the price paid to be insufficient and directed that Ann and John be sold at auction.

In the second document, dated 2 April 1860, Hotchkiss promises to pay Montague “the sum of Nine Hundred * Sixty One dollars with interest therein from this date being the purchase money for a Negro woman named Ann & child John.”

The third document is an official court document, signed by Montague, reporting that “he did . . . expose to sale to the highest bidder . . . said Slaves Ann & John and D. J. Hotchkiss being the highest bidder for said slaves Ann & John became the purchaser . . . at the sum of Nine hundred and Sixt one Dollars.”

A telling group of documents that drives home the fact slaves were no more than property to be bought and sold like any other commodity in order to raise money or settle debts.

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